They’re EVERYWHERE!  It’s almost impossible to go to any house and not see them.  You know, that horrible, boring, cheap builder mirror.  The ugly oval shaped one that just hangs on the wall on little plastic clips.  One option of course is to purchase a new mirror to replace it however this option, depending on your taste, could be quite expensive.  Even simply purchasing an oval one with a frame can run you upwards of $60-$100.

When we purchased our house, I knew that this boring mirror would not cut it, but I also knew we were on a tight budget.  We were insane and although we built a new house from the ground up, we still decided to remodel the entire downstairs once we closed.  It’s just much cheaper to do as much as you can yourself (and with the help of family and friends) than it is to pay the builder for the upgrades.  Also, the builder’s upgrades will only give you a few options to choose from.

This is our first home so we were definitely on a budget.  $100 may not seem like a lot of money to some, but when you are overhauling about 1300 square feet, every dollar counts!  Instead of spending money on a new mirror for the half bath I decided I would make a frame of some sort.  Of course, being the Pinterest addict that I am, I saw tons of posts in which people decorated desks, tabletops and picture frames with pennies.  Our style is rustic and copper pennies fit our color scheme perfectly.  This was the perfect way to frame this ugly mirror!

We had a kitchen remodel party one day in which several of our family members came over to help.  Everyone thought I was crazy, but the ticket to get into the party was to bring me pennies!  While the guys were doing the heavy lifting working on our kitchen island, the women and children got to work on the half bath!  Adding a penny frame to this mirror was so simple that we actually had the kids do it!  Of course, the ladies were there to supervise and keep a leash on the adhesive, but the kids were the main source of “labor” for this project.

First, we laid out the pennies around the mirror in order to decide how many rows I wanted.  I thought three rows looked great, but of course you can do more or less.  This was also to sort through some of the pennies so the kids weren’t using dirty/grimy ones!  Once we had the pennies picked and situated, it was as simple as the ladies adding a dab of Liquid Nails to the back of a penny and handing it to the kids to place.

The Liquid Nails can get a little messy (especially with the little ones involved), but don’t worry.  It’s pretty easy to clean off of the mirror and pennies themselves with either an adhesive remover (I use Goof Off wipes) or a razor blade.  Now, the Liquid Nails sets up pretty quickly, but I would recommend letting it dry at least overnight just to be safe.  My mirror actually set for a few days since we tiled the wall it was going on (this will be another post for another day!).

Once my wall was tiled and dry, we simply hung the mirror back in the same spot using the existing plastic brackets.  Now, when people see the mirror, they tend to focus more on the pennies and so the plastic brackets seem to disappear!  So, there you have it!  Upgrade an ugly mirror for merely pennies!!!